Keynote in a Coffee Cup

‘Keynote in a coffee cup’ gives a dose of inspiration in under 10 minutes. Each of these brief videos feature an important leadership concept, a story, and an easy way to implement a new strategy and improve your mindset, enhance your relationships, and motivate action. 

“We love the inspiration and strategies when you do a keynote for our team! Do you have a way to keep that motivation going?”

We heard you and created a video program that will keep your team focused, resilient, inspired and taking right actions as the leaders they are.  

We believe in collaboration! Bart and Heather have joined forces to expand the possibilities of your reinforcement program. Every month you’ll receive an inspired educational moment from EACH of them. You’ll get a ‘keynote in a coffee cup’ to carry you through.


A themed and compact keynote for each month.

Keynote Themes
January: Strategic Goal Setting and Resolutions for Benefit

February:  The Appreciation Advantage and Loving Others  

March:  Finding your pot of gold; Luck versus Effort?  

April: Turn Showers Into Flowers (overcoming adversity)  

May: Blooming (your personal growth)  

June:   Time for time off; the importance of meaningful breaks

Why Keynote in a Coffee Cup?

  • Cost effective, learn from two behavioral experts for less than the price of one keynote presentation.
  • We are continually committed to your team's success. Not just a one and done message.
  • Monthly presentations encourage growth and and represent the value of ongoing training.
  • Start at anytime of the year.
Keynote Themes
July: Celebrating your independence, reliability on self  

August: Preparing for your title fight (training and in the off season)  

September: Back to the Basics and continued education  

October:  Shedding Negativity; Letting your worries FALL  

November: Gratitude and thankfulness  

December: The season for the reason, Exploring your purpose

Keep your people motivated and at their best year-round.



Align your team with the basics they need to succeed throughout the year. These brief keynotes provide an important leadership concept, a story, and an easy way for your team to improve their mindset and motivate action.


Professional Customized


On top of receiving a full-year of our keynotes, we will also personalize our message to address specific issues that your company is facing. Including the name of your company, logo, and mission.


John Gopoian

“Been all over the country to classes, workshops, academies, etc…and by far Heather you’ve got to be the best of the best!”

Shelley Smith

"I have had the pleasure of hiring Bart to speak twice for one of my clients over a three-year period.  His topics, delivery, and engagement have been spot-on. I highly recommend Bart to others looking for an authentic storyteller on today’s relevant business topics.”

Jim McNerney

“The 6 months absolutely flew! You did a fantastic job of leading us. I learned a great deal on every call.”

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Sign up before November 1st and you’ll get free access to monthly LIVE calls with Bart and/or Heather, valued at $500, for engaging, custom coaching to answer your questions and keep your team leading strong!
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Bart A. Berkey

      Bart is a motivational storyteller, author, keynote speaker, and former Ritz-Carlton Global Executive.  His core message: Most People Don't (MPD) is the foundation to encourage improvements in behavior.  He shares real life stories through Messages That Matter that provide applicable takeaways and actionable ideas.  We all know what we “should do” to live a more purposeful life and contribute to others.  Now learn how to use his tool to move your “should do’s” into the “accomplished” category for greater results and success. 

Heather Hansen O'Neill

Heather Hansen O’Neill is an international speaker, author, adventurer, and entrepreneur using her action-packed experience to Fire Up audiences. She stimulates vibrant energy, focus, and action for those who want to collaborate effectively, lead change, and achieve massive results. Her passion to provide real change and continued support lead to the creation of The Phoenix Community, The initiative, and this inspired reinforcement program with Bart!

Keep your team aligned all year long, starting today!

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