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Ever wonder why you never got that dream job? Before you heard the news, did you leave a courtesy call or write a thank you note? Still wondering why you never got hired? Well, you see this is just one of many things most people don’t do. Over the past 25 years as a top sales recruiter, Bart Berkey has identified all these little things and more that could help people differentiate themselves from one another. Bart’s outlook is captivating and his message is relatable. And he’d love to share his down to earth perspective to all who are willing to hear it. Are you ready to become a person who does? Then lend your ears to Bart Berkey.


By studying the activities and actions of the successful for the past 25 years, Bart has uncovered ways to teach others through real life stories on how to master "doing" because… "Most People Don't."

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“Intentionally Left Blank”

Take today off, in fact take a few days to unwind.

You won’t miss anything.

No need to check e-mails or postings on LinkedIn.

You won’t miss anything for a few days if you choose to relax and rejuvenate. You will be busy again soon enough. Electronic messages don’t have feelings, but your family and friends do…

Titles Change, Names Remain

Life Lessons

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Motivational Storyteller and Author

Delivering Messages That Matter

Most speaker summaries are usually over the top, laced with accolades, and adorned with details. Bart is not typical and promotes differentiation (for himself and his listeners) as evident by the following paragraphs.

You simply need to know that his credentials are valid, extensive, and can be viewed further by “searching” his name (as he is the only Bart Berkey on this planet.)

  1. His “Most People Don’t” message has been shared with over a million people worldwide and is displayed in his best-selling book
  2. Bart was recognized as one of the “Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing”
  3. He leads a global sales team for a luxury hotel company and was formerly their first and only luxury sales recruiter

He is not, however, “a talking head.” He has not climbed Everest, nor gone to space. He is not an Olympic athlete, nor will his stories require you to have done extraordinary things in order to be able to relate. You will be able to accomplish extraordinary things as a result from applying his message!

What does your organization need to hear?

What do your employees want to learn?

Bart has over 500 stories (“Are you a buffalo or a goose”, “Leadership lessons learned on a racetrack”, “My lifeguard texts”, “Being allergic to gorillas”, “Humpty Dumpty was pushed”) to select from to emphasize the point that will benefit your attendees the most. They will leave with applicable takeaways and new ideas of “doing”. Companies and individuals can all benefit by “doing” what others “don’t do”.

Most People Don’t (MPD): Accomplish goals.

Fact: 92% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by January 15th. 83% of people don’t have any goals. Only 3% of people write their goals down.

Why You Should: Those with written goals will make 10x as much as those that don’t. How You Can: Bart will share a story about how a Radar Speed Display and its function can help anyone achieve what they desire.

MPD: Show appreciation; live in the present, have a balance, offer service, achieve health, lose weight, identify personal values, practice self-awareness, engage others, create, display selflessness, lead by example, innovate, remain relevant, ask questions, learn, seek to understand, listen, take ownership.

  • Your attendees will learn and improve
  • You will be appreciated by others for selecting him
  • Your organization will benefit by having an engaging speaker that will provide tools to enhance your company

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"Most People Don't...
And Why You Should; Differentiating the Irreplaceable You"

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"Seeking Greener Grass Without Mowing the Lawn; Achieving Success by Doing What Most People Don't Do."


"Never Work Another Day" Career Counseling and Solutions

In addition, Bart has a collection of over 500 stories that are available to be customized into topics that are most meaningful to your organization and audience.


Bart is available to share his message to your group or organization. Additional references can be provided by contacting him at:

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