Creating a FEEDBACK CULTURE that is a "GIFT" not a "GUT PUNCH"

What Customers Are Saying:

"Bart recently led a program for my team on feedback culture. He partnered with us to really target the content and deliver dynamically - effectively using storytelling to help people make deeper connections to the message. Bart also layers in unexpected elements, which most people don't (pun intended), and his session was rated by the audience as the one that provided the most value out of the entire event. Versatile, above-and-beyond, and impact!"

  -Katrina Kent, CMP, CMM, Vice President, Meeting Management and Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual Insurance

"Bart shared experiences along with tips and tools to help us cultivate a culture of giving feedback -the positive and negative to one another. Bart is a rare, authentic, and extremely talented speaker. He made the session interactive and fun, kept the learning moving, and held high engement with the team as he moved around the room, on and off stage and through the team. His speaking style, enthusiasm, passion for making the world a greater place through the way people treat each other, leadership experience and storytelling are captivating to all. Our team members are still raving about Bart and the impact of his session."

  -Kelly Bishop, CMP, CMM, Director, Meeting Management and Event Strategy, Liberty Mutual Insurance


Key Learnings:

  • How to create the proper tone for a top down feedback approach

  • How CULTURE is a major attractor and retainer of talent

  • Ways to celebrate and share organizational culture internally (retain) and externally (attract)

  • Ways to nurture positive and corrective feedback implementing decisions based on feedback and sharing results

  • Creating a safe space for communication without fear of favoritism or retaliation

  • Why a feedback culture creates a growth mindset for the organization