Keynote Speaking and Sales-Service Excellence Training

As a former Ritz-Carlton Global Executive and Recruiter Bart has something to offer all audiences. By focusing on real life experiences Bart is able to provide genuine and actionable insights into the world of business and human behavior.  He shares stories that will help to "move" others toward better results and greater learnings.



"Would, Could, Should...DOING DECENCY"  

  Doing Right By and For Others 

  • Why DECENCY is even more valuable than IQ and EQ for any organization
  • Methods to ensure "doing right" actually occurs
  • Ways to enhance a culture of decency from the top down  

"Most People Don't...But YOU DO!"

   It is easy to BE, but better to BECOME

"Are You A Buffalo or a Goose?" 

  Sharing and Caring Leadership 

• How to analyze your strengths to align with your team
• Methods to mentor, support, and delight those you lead
• Ways to become more of an EMPATHETIC LEADER by understanding the needs of others

"Heart and Sold - Sales/Service Training"

  Creating Unwavering Client Loyalty Through

  3D Relationships 

  • How to enhance empathy skills (caring and listening) to increase results
  • The top qualities most sellers don't use to build trust
  • Ways to move from "transactions" to "relations" with buyers

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