Keynote Speaking

As a former Ritz-Carlton Global Executive and Recruiter Bart has something to offer all audiences. By focusing on real life experiences Bart is able to provide genuine and actionable insights into the world of business and human behavior.

The Bart Berkey Standard


Bart found great success during his time in the hospitality industry by setting a standard and living up to it. His career as a speaker is no different.

Here is what you can expect when booking Bart Berkey for a speaking engagement:

  • Excellent customer service to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.
  • Bart provides "Messages That Matter" with applicable takeaways and actionable ideas.
  • Bart has developed a series of thought processes and frameworks that simplify goals and the path to achieving them.
  • Bart brings a wealth of real world experience from his time as a Global Sales Executive and Recruiter for top hotel companies.
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Sales Effectiveness

A cheeseburger without cheese
  • Implement the customer-centric approach.
  • Closing the deal "off-script."
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Service Delivery

Exceeding Expectations
  • Make a mark in the minds of your clients.
  • Set the standard and surpass it.
  • Build it and they will come.
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Personal and Professional Activation and Wellness

With Nora Tobin (Performance Enhancement and Nutrition Specialist, Founder of Nora's Naturals
  • Learning to enhance energy, approach, and efficiencies through physical solutions combined with professional motivations.
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Enhancing Empathy, Crushing Kindness, and Doing Decency

with Jeff Hargett (Chief Life Office of “Life As Intended”, Service Excellence Expert)
  • Obtaining employee loyalty beyond reason while exceeding customer service expectations.

Building Your Brand. From the Inside Out.

with Larry Gulko (Branding Authority, Founder of the CEO Brand Leadership Roundtable at the Harvard Business School).
  • Enhancing your BRAND IMPACT on Finding Talent, Caring for People, and Leading your Organization to the next level.

Culture Cultivation, Continuance, and Creation

with David Peckinpaugh (President of Maritz Global Events, Culture Ambassador)
  • Ways to define and refine a work environment of respect, engagement, and honesty.

Hire Bart for a speaking engagement.

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