EVENTinsights - an exclusive live interview component hosted by the illustrious Bart Berkey, the esteemed recipient of the Podcast Host of the Year award. 

Key Features of EVENTinsights Live


Exclusive Interviews: Bart Berkey, with his engaging personality and in-depth interviewing skills, will connect with event attendees and senior leaders, providing an inside look into their perspectives, experiences, and key takeaways from the event.

Global Reach: The live interviews, led by Bart Berkey, will be broadcasted to a global audience, extending the reach of your event beyond the physical venue and creating a virtual community of engaged viewers.

Content Highlights: A curated selection of the most impactful and memorable moments from Bart's interviews will be shared across various digital platforms, ensuring maximum exposure for sponsors.

Flexible, Nimble, and Effective: 

Horst Schulze, Founder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company 

Service, Leadership, Intent and Excellence...


Lisa Bridge, President of Ben Bridge Jeweler 

A CEO that SERVES...inserting her own culture into established tradition. 


Captain Behnam,  Airline Pilot Hero

Saving 381 lives because of resilience, training, and discipline. .


EVENTinsights Offers Flexibility and Portable Perspectives 

Bart embodies a unique blend of adaptability and resourcefulness, demonstrating that a studio or a booth is not a prerequisite for producing compelling content.

Bart Berkey's approach, traveling with his microphones and recording devices, reflects a commitment to capturing meaningful conversations in diverse and organic settings. This method not only adds authenticity to the storytelling process but also allows for a dynamic and engaging narrative that resonates with a wide audience.

Stories unfold organically and he crafts narratives that will leave a lasting and positive impression on your audience.

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