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Most People Don't...But YOU DO!

This podcast features conversations with PEOPLE THAT DO!  These guests go "above and beyond" in their positions and in their lives.  We talk about early influencers and what decisions led to their successes.  These amazing individuals share thoughts on KINDNESS, LEADERSHIP, and BALANCE.  Hear from a diverse group of ICONS and CELEBRITIES like Horst Schulze (Co-founder- Ritz-Carlton), Kara Goldin (Founder- HINT), Christine Duffy (President- Carnival Cruise Lines), and Claude Silver (Chief Heart Officer- Vayner Media) and other incredible human beings. 


Sue Stephenson

Founder, Strategies for Service

"Bart is a very authentic interviewer and when I listen to his podcasts I am always impressed by his genuine curiosity and ability to dig deep — mining for nuggets on what inspires people to make a difference, how mentors helped shepherd them along their chosen path and the lessons learned along the journey. Bart genuinely wants to provide his listeners with insights and inspiration to help move them to positive action and create their own legacies. Kudos Bart – this is meaningful work!"

Horst Schulze

Co-Founder of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

LISTEN: Service, Leadership, and Intent

Kara Goldin

Founder of HINT Inc., the leading unsweetened water.

LISTEN: When the WORD DIET Fooled her...

Christine Duffy

President, Carnival Cruise Lines 

LISTEN: Growing up as Blue-Collar Glamour...