Enhancing Excellence

Working More Effectively during Increased Work/Life Demands.

What Participants Are Saying:

"His passion, enthusiasm and directness was contagious and left me inspired. Sales Leaders - jump at the opportunity to have Bart lead this training for your team! In this sales climate not only is it beneficial, it is necessary...Breathe and Be Brilliant!"

"What a truly amazing experience and one of the most fun and engaging trainings I've ever been to. I loved learning that you don't always need to say yes to everything, and that it is ok to take a moment to breathe, which I'll be doing more of, when necessary. I'm looking forward to making my should-do list my top priority and remaining FAB! #BeBamboo."

    -Training Graduates; The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota Sales and Events 


Key Learning:

  • Techniques to allow FOCUS on YOU, being flexible, adaptabile, and breathing.
  • Methods to create better Teamwork, Talking, and Trust with OTHERS.
  • Strategies on how to get more done through Prioritization, Focus, and Accountability
  • Tactics to GET MORE BUSINESS through better customer relationships
  • Why GRATITUDE is so critical