Bringing back humanity to the workplace and creating an environment for TRIUMPHS not TEARS.

What Participants Are Saying:

"Bart has been a tremendous and supporting business partner in every aspect of our business. He is professional, solution driven, opportunity seeking and most importantly compassionate. His customer connections are unrivaled and he gained the respect throughout the industry. It's been a pleasure working with you Bart!"

  -Pauline Berge, Senior Commercial Executive

"Bart is an exemplary leader. No matter what industry, his wisdom, experience and expertise in leadership and development is a true gift that I am beyond grateful to have experienced. Thank you for your commitment to being a lighthouse to those searching for guidance and support in professional development. Your style of communication and teaching has guided me when finding success and opportunity in my career path." 

    -Rachel Vitalone, Director, Kaulig Media 

Key Learning:

  • Methods to encourage  compassion in the workforce
  • Why EMPATHY is critical for a organization's success
  • Adopt "your way" or "I'll hit the highway" leadership