Moving Your SHOULD DO's to DONE

We all know what we “should do” to live a more purposeful life and contribute to others. Now learn how to use Bart's trademarked tool to move your “should do’s” into the “done” category for greater results and success.

What Customers Are Saying: 

"You know your attendees enjoyed the speaker when they talk about the session for the rest of the meeting. You know they were INSPIRED by the speaker when they make life changes based on the content. That’s what you get with Bart. His engaging energetic style captures the audience but his challenge to everyone to “do what most people don’t” is relevant to every single attendee, and that makes for a great session! Regardless of industry and attendee profile, I highly recommend Bart!"

-Alison Best, CDME, Business Development Director at Northstar Travel Group

"Bart spoke our Destination Southeast event this week and was a hit with our audience! He had the crowd motivated and energized at an early morning session, and I heard attendees talking about it throughout the rest of the event. We received very positive feedback on Bart's session and I would highly recommend him for any event."

-Elise Schoening, Senior Associate Editor at Northstar Travel Group

Key Learnings:

  • How to move your "should do'" into the "done" category in order to make a personal and professional difference
  • How to find your motivation through "if the WHY is important enough, the HOW becomes easy."
  • How to use the "Should Do Accountability Chart" to hold yourself responsible for your growth and progress