ZERO TO 100; Accelerating Back to Business

Obtaining and refining the right approach, mindset, and systems to handle the GREAT RETURN.

What Customers Are Saying:

"I met Bart when he was an executive at Ritz Carlton years ago and I always knew there was something amazingly special about him. His ability to connect with others and his non apologetic and empathetic way of building relationships which quickly turned from business to friendship. Well some things only get better. Bart's talents are now on an even bigger stage. Bringing people together and creating space for imagination, humanity, and goodness. Congratulations my friend and I can't recommend you enough for what you bring to everyone's life.

  -Wayne Robinson, AVP, FM Global 

"Fantastic keynote speaker! Extremely effective use of the proven success of relating an analogous story to exemplify opportunities for learning and succeeding. Organizational psychology shows analogous learning sticks longer and is remembered easier and Bart’s approach reflects that." 

  -Chris Cook, Senior Vice President- Underwriting; Crump Life Insurance Services


Key Learnings:

  • Ways to show FLEXIBILITY to allow greater balance for increased productivity
  • ADAPTING and ACCEPTING the "new normal" of the workplace
  • Tips on why COMMUNICATION EXCELLENCE is even more critical