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Bart is ready to help you overcome any obstacle in your path, personally or professionally.  He is the definition of resiliency and he will share his steps that have created happiness and balance. He has learned what not to do from bosses that made him cry and collected celebration strategies from teams that embraced engagement. Schedule a 15 minute call with him to share your story and see how he can help you. 

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"Bart’s brilliant feedback on reworking my resume helped me to land my dream job: managing events at Salesforce! SALESFORCE!!

I had applied for over 100 jobs with my old resume which got me exactly zero bites in 7 months. After working with Bart, my new resume generated interest on the very first send. Then came Salesforce! SALESFORCE!!

Bart reminded me of my value (it’s very easy to get discouraged and lose sight of your worth when companies you apply to don't even acknowledge your application) and made brilliant suggestions that allowed me to showcase my experience in the best and very brightest light.

I cannot recommend enough the value of working with Bart. More than that, though, he’s just an awesome person and friend to have in your corner."

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