Call Me Back with An E-mail?

training May 04, 2021

Have you ever reached out to someone via the phone to engage in conversation, to have a real-time discussion, to listen to someone’s tonality when they respond only to have them send you an email as a reply? You really wanted to be able to talk to this person. You left a very nice voicemail and even suggested times you would be available to connect directly. Family friends have a sick child at home, and the husband ran into one of his wife’s friends and shared an update. He mentioned his wife would really appreciate a quick phone call just to check in. This woman was surprised, as she did not know the child had even been sick. She said, “I’ll send her a text to suggest we go for a walk.” The husband politely said, “I know she’d really appreciate a phone call.” She replied, “I’ll send her an email to check her schedule.”
Are we doing things to make ourselves feel better when perhaps it is not the ideal situation for the other person? Let’s commit to doing what is good for others before doing what is easy and convenient for ourselves. Have you ever changed your behavior for the benefit of someone else and by putting their interests ahead of yours?

MPD: Consider others before yourself.