Just say hello; Be a hero, don’t chase zeroes

happiness May 04, 2021

I don’t need to see your massive house or your fancy car. Millions have lost their jobs.
Please don’t post video messages from your pool, I don’t have one.
While I might be happy that you got a promotion, someone else just got furloughed.

Say hello to me to check in, not to “cash out” looking for a contract
We need heroes and people helping each other more than zeroes and revenue
Make me laugh, I could use it now
Help me to help others, give me ideas
Don’t ask for me to support you, how can you support me?
Motivate me, distract me, help me, educate me, inform me
Be real, be authentic, show me your dog not your mansion

Share something positive
Give me good news
Celebrate others

Are you just a number in this world? Reality check… YES… and it just happens to be ONE. My dear friend and colleagues baby, Cate, knows she is #1, and trusts that all will be great again in the world! (Good news!)

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