3 Steps to Soaring Excellence in Sales & Service

Aug 30, 2022

By executing EXCELLENCE IN SALES & SERVICE, customers will spend more, refer more, and come back more often.

EXCELLENCE leads to repeat business and the creation of genuine brand ambassadors.

A "LUXURY APPROACH" to Selling & Service isn’t only reserved for high priced items. It is applicable for any organization that wants to build revenue and loyalty at the same time.

When I worked for Ritz-Carlton (a brand of Marriott), newspapers were delivered to each guest room based on their preference for which publication. Each was neatly placed in a canvas bag and put on the door handle.
Similarly, Courtyard Hotels (also a brand of Marriott) also have newspapers available for their guests.  Instead of being delivered, they were located in the lobby and only offered one publication choice.

There is scalability for EXCELLENCE IN SALES & SERVICE for ANY SALES TEAM regardless of location, offerings, and customer base.

While the foundation begins with the TEAM (employees) and the LEADERS, the training required for the three stages of CUSTOMER INTERACTIONS is the most critical.

Consider the EXCELLENCE IN SALES & SERVICE flow to be similar to a personal relationship scenario. 

1. Pre-sale (dating stage, getting to know one another, asking questions, doing research)

2. Sales Process (personalization, recognition, negotiation, commitment, partnership, creation of experiences and memories)

3. Post Sale (continuation of deeper connection, growth, follow-up, appreciation, and love)

We have designed a MEGA SESSION training program (in person) designed to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, EMPOWER, MOTIVATE, and ENABLE teams to accomplish exactly this...