5 Ways to Be Brilliant At The Basics

Apr 27, 2021

The basics are essentially basic by definition, yet "Most People Don't" do them, let alone do them well.

Years ago my former team and I had a strategy session to identify the top things we could focus on to fulfill our goal of being the BEST Global Sales Team in the WORLD! Together we came up with this list thinking that if we excelled at the BASICS, the results would follow. (And they did in ABUNDANCE!).

As many of the players have moved on due to COVID and our dear friend Jane Weigel passed away a few years ago, felt that it was time to resurrect a few of these to share with everyone. It was such an honor to work with these individuals!

1. Caring and Thoughtful
2. Fair and Balanced
3. Cooperative and Approachable
4. Appreciative and Engaging
5. Proactive and Responsive

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