Release to Rise; how letting go enables more.

Dec 01, 2023

As a basketball player in junior high, I used to get very nervous and crack under pressure when attempting to shoot free throws. My coach would be angry with me if I missed, and this would only add to my nervousness. As a result, I consistently missed my shots.Recently, I went to the gym (To See VIDEO hit READ MORE) to practice my free throws after a gap of not playing basketball for many years.I noticed that when I did not record myself, I felt calm and relaxed, and the baskets seemed to go in smoothly.However, as soon as I hit the record button, I became conscious of the camera and felt an unrealistic sense of pressure, which affected my performance negatively. Despite trying visualization techniques and deep breathing exercises, the baskets just would not go in.Eventually, I realized that I needed to take the pressure off myself. I focused on my form and didn't worry about whether the ball hit the rim or went in as a swish. I just aimed to get it close enough to have a chance of going in.

My focus was to DO MY BEST.Once I took the pressure off, I started to have fun and relax.  The baskets began to flow, and I started to enjoy myself.This experience served as another great reminder, that the WRONG PRESSURE can hinder our performance.  That OVERTHINKING and leading too much with THE BRAIN, may not lead to the results that we want. When I THOUGHT TOO MUCH about making the basket.  When I used TOO MUCH OF MY BRAIN    to overanalyze- "What would my coach say if I missed again"?  "how long will I have to record if I keep on missing shots?"When I started to apply just the right amount of the RIGHT PRESSURE, the balls went in. When I led with THE FEELING AND EMOTION of just having fun... I made the shots.I stopped leading with my brain and over-thinking.I started leading with my heart, emotions, and passion for fun and zest.I got into the FLOW of FUN... and that's when things naturally and organically started to happen.It is important to make sure that we are emotionally stable, secure, confident, and fulfilled in order to achieve success.

We should avoid being OVERLY CRITICAL  of ourselves and instead STRIVE to do our best.

With the  RIGHT MINDSET, success will follow and shots will go in.


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