It’s Not About the Income, It’s About the Outcome

happiness May 04, 2021

My sister Lori, a preschool teacher, arrives at work very early and develops extremely creative ideas for helping her students learn. She often stays late after class to prepare more fun activities for the kids the following day. Her entire year is already planned, day by day, thanks to her efforts over the summer. While many people may not truly appreciate teachers, I see how hard she works. Even though she has summers “off,” not a day goes by in which she is not thinking of new ways to motivate the children in her class.
Weeks ago, there was a national movement by employees of several fast-food chains who were pushing to essentially double their minimum rate of pay. My sister mentioned that as a teacher, she would love to receive a similar raise. Her son just started his freshman year at Penn State and is already enjoying his experience. He has a sense of the passion his professors exude. Lori, just like many other teachers, takes on this role and responsibility “not for the income, but for the outcome.” It makes her satisfied and enriches her life on a daily basis. Are you doing what you do for the income or for the outcome? If you won the lottery tomorrow, would you continue to do what you do?

MPD: Work for enjoyment and self-satisfaction.