Purpose over Pennies, Passion above Promotions

Aug 19, 2022


3. Set boundaries for work and home life to ensure you have enough time and balance to understand what you like, what you are good at, and what you want to do more of...

4. Once you determine what "you really want", realize that you may need to give up somethings in the short term to get to your end result.  

5. Contrast is our greatest motivator.  If you are unsatisfied, look to make a change

6. Jump, take risks, and take off like a helicopter.  It doesn't need a runway like an airplane, accelerate quickly and make adjustments.  At least you will be in the air almost immediately.

7. Your purpose might change and grow as you evolve

8. You are never stuck.  Use your resources for help and ideas to pursue what you really want.

9. Dream but be realistic.  Not all that audition on American Idol are great singers.

10. Be a self people pleaser first.  Fill up your tank first and then take care of others.