"Use this trick, the next time you’d like an upgrade…"

Apr 19, 2024

“What are the CHANCES…?”

“What are the chances I could have a premium rental car for the same price?”

I decided to try it for the silliest task.

“What are the chances I could have 8 pretzel bites instead of 7?”  The young gentleman behind the counter said “SURE”.  Upon check out he shared that he gave me 9 instead and he hoped that I enjoyed them as much as he does.  Plus he gave me a small discount without me asking.  (I gave him my appreciation and a gratitude stone in return, and shared my reasoning for the mini-social experiment.)

When we don’t expect

When we don’t demand

When we ask nicely

When we engage in conversation

When we don’t act privileged

When we show appreciation

When we treat each other as humans and humanely

The most amazing things started to happen. 

Without any expectation, and without asking, other GOOD THINGS STARTED TO OCCUR.

The hotel that I was staying at had an fun marketplace for coffee, pizza, and healthy snacks.  It was one of the coolest and best stocked that I had ever seen, so I told them.

They gave me a chocolate chip cookie for free.

At dinner with my family, we complimented the manager who greeted us and had always been so kind.  We shared that so often she made us so comfortable with her extra service and hospitable attitude.  Without asking… she delivered a complimentary appetizer to our table.

What are the CHANCES that you’ll try this?