Using Rejection for Redirection

Oct 14, 2022

You Never "Know" When Someone Says "No"

Have you ever been told "no" when you really wanted something?  Things don't always go the way that we think they should go. 

Perhaps a new idea is immediately shut down as being impossible. 

Maybe you don't get the promotion or job offer you've been working so hard toward.

A new vacation destination is shared and turned down by your family. 

How do you handle REJECTION?  Can you use it for REDIRECTION?

From this week's Most People Don't Academy call we addressed this topic and how YOU can use REJECTION for REDIRECTION.  Here is how:

-Use the opportunity of "no" to establish new contacts and new relationships.  Gail Alofsin ( shares that she sends THANK YOU notes to everyone, including the people that say "no".  NO means "not now" and because of her efforts of appreciation, it usually leads to future opportunities for her or for a friend.

-Joshua David ( contributes that we should not take "no's" personally.  We don't need to be concerned with locked doors, because our focus should be on the open ones.  

"When things appear to be going wrong, they are actually going right.  You just don't know it yet."



1. NO means "not now" or "need options"

2. Every contact is a future opportunity

3. Learn from rejection and practice positive self-talk

4. You "never know" what "no" will lead to in the future

5. Frame questions differently to get little "yes's" along the way

6. Accept that you will have to sift through lots of dirt to find the gold.  Enjoy the process of sifting!

7. Eat your Oreo's, kick the ground, get stung, and MOVE ON!

8. Improve your skills to become better with your stories and value proposition

9. Anticipate your obstacles and objections, and have reactions to each

10. REJECTION stands for; Redirection, Engaged, Just, Enough, Causing, True, Inspiration, One hundred percent, Naturally (Joshua David)