Happiness is a FEELING, not a THING

Sep 30, 2022

"My boss come up to me and said- 'You need to zip it up and put it away'.  Stop with the laughing, stop with the smiling and just ZIP it up."  This was a story shared by Kelly Bishop (Founder, Pick Positive) earlier this week on our Most People Don't Academy call. 

She was devastated because her happiness and her energy is what creates her and makes her uniquely special.  It didn't take her long to leave that boss and that company because she wasn't going to let anyone take away any component of her true self.

While "HAPPINESS STARTS WITH YOU" and your perspective, it can certainly be influenced and squashed by others. Below are the top suggestions made by the panelists on how to FIND and REMEMBER HAPPINESS. 



 1. SMILE, LAUGH, POSE, USE PHYSICAL ACTIONS TO ELEVATE MOOD-  Conduct a smile challenge next week.  See how many people will respond back to you positively when you initiate a smile directed to them. Laugh out loud and vigorously.  Embrace a SUPERHERO pose with hands on hips, eyes looking up, poised to conquer the world. Do a "kitchen dance" to your favorite music.   

2. DON'T COMPARE, SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT ALWAYS REALITY-  Life through Facebook is not real. Postings may be someone's "highlight reel" not their "real reel". Put things into perspective and be grateful for who and what you are.  Happiness is your feeling, no one else's nor is it a THING.  Things will come and go (clothes, cars, jobs) but FEELINGS can create happy  memories that can last a lifetime.   

3. CREATE HAPPINESS HABITS- That enable you to make progress toward goal accomplishments.  Don't wait until the goal is done to celebrate.  Enjoy the little wins along the way.  Do the things you know you should do, regardless of your desire to want to do them.  Start you day by making your bed, doing laundry, exercising, caring for your pets... and do it again the next day, and the next.  Put on your walking shoes and go outside for a stroll even when you don't feel like it.  Challenge yourself to "do" certain things and embrace the feeling of accomplishment after your efforts. 


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