Gratitude is an Action Word, "Show it, don't Say it"

Aug 13, 2022

My friend Joshua sent me $20 to SHOW his GRATITUDE for something that I had done.  It was my second nature to do what I did, so there were not expectations for payment.  I wanted to help him get a bigger stage for his message of positivity.

I declined his electronic payment.

He shared with me that it was important to him that I accept his gesture graciously.  This would allow the continuum to prosper.  By not accepting it, it would slow his enthusiasm toward my gesture.   I finally accepted.

When the universe gives, it is ok to receive.  

On a recent webinar, we also shared our thoughts about HOW WE CAN SHOW GRATITUDE, NOT JUST SAY IT.


-Gratitude is the heartfelt connection that binds us together
-Time and energy can be used to show gratitude, not just money
-Reflect daily on why you are grateful for, keep a journal and write what others did to make you feel a certain way
-Makes you vulnerable as you are giving of yourself- exposing yourself not always easy
-Giving gratitude helps with health, sleep, and well being
-Gratitude can be showing support (listening, promoting, encouraging)
-Allow character to outweigh your title and show gratitude up and down the ladder
-All Vibes Matter
-Become as good at receiving as you are at giving
-Accepting is also important to allow the flow of good thoughts and energy to continue. -Accept gifts and help graciously as they are intended.