Being Memorable and Doing Different

Oct 07, 2022

"I met hundreds of people, but I remember you"

Scenario F: Imagine going to a large tradeshow this fall and you are a "buyer" representing wonderful business for the "suppliers" showcasing their services/products as exhibitors.  The first booth you pass by has a collection of sales people "buddy bunching" and only spending time focusing on each other and not you.  When you finally get someone's attention they only look at your name badge and not your eyes.  They don't ask any questions but merely tell you all about their product.  Finally, they promise to follow up with you but weeks later you don't hear anything.

 Scenario A:  As you approach the first booth immediately you notice the professionalism and the spacing of the sales people.  Each is poised to be on the look out to help any incoming customer. Their approach is appropriately enthusiastic and they greet you warmly and treat you as though you are the only person in the world that matters to them at that moment. They ask questions, take notes, and promise to follow up.  By the end of the day, you receive a personalized, customized e-mail that reflects upon a conversation you had. 



1. RESEARCH AND LEARN (SOMETHING  ABOUT WHO YOU ARE GOING TO MEET IN ADVANCE)-  Do your homework and research the other person to be able to start conversations about what interests them. Send notes in advance and arrange specific times to meet.  You can find out so much appropriate information online.  Use LinkedIn to find commonalities that will enable the conversations to flow easily.  What school did they go to?  What groups do they belong to?  

2. DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO- Be a person that honors your word.  Follow-up quickly and better than anyone else. Reference something that you spoke about to remind them about you and your conversation. Go above and beyond and "do" things that you didn't say you'd do as a way to surprise others. 

3. BE SPECIAL, BE REAL, AND SHARE STORIES- Be your authentic self and avoid 'salesy" commentary. Don't data dump and rather share stories that are interesting and applicable for the other person.  


On our Most People Don't Academy call, Doug Baarman shared a very memorable approach a sales person executes for large tradeshows.  She wears a business outfit and pairs it with bright orange Converse hi-tops.  In advance, she sends out notes to her target customers, customizes the message, and asks for them to look for her.  She will take selfies with people she meets and sends them the photo afterward with her follow-up.  In addition, for everyone that sends a photo of her shoes when they spot her (among thousands), they are entered into a drawing to win an excellent prize.  She is memorable, authentic, and different.  When you ask her, she shares the loveliest story as to why she started this tradition and routine.


-Send a playlist of your targeted customer's favorite music for them to enjoy on the plane ride home

-Purchase a movie for them to download

-Buy them access to an airline club for their return flight

-Order them a delivered meal for their first night home after traveling all week

Additional TIPS:

-Take care of yourself at lengthy industry events, eat healthy, sleep well, juice, limit alcohol

-Create a reason for someone to visit you, other than a gift

-Surprise customers at your booth with their preferences

-Get specific with others- not general, make them feel special- get specific to make them feel special

-Share something that you can’t find on a website

-Be mindful of airport and plane conversations among others traveling to/from the same conference

-Compile follow up notes on plane ride home, the show doesn’t end because you are tired, it ends when you land