Checking for Cracked Eggs and Service Excellence

Sep 09, 2022

My wife and I were shopping at Trader Joe's during a very hectic weekend.  The store was celebrating their 4 year anniversary so there was tremendous buzz and excitement. 

Inside it was packed with enthusiastic shoppers and energized crew members. 

During checkout, we were ultimately blown away by the service that we received.

Our cashier put on her "service blinders" to ensure her focus was directed only toward us. 

The conversation was engaging (she remembered us from weeks ago) and her process was efficient. 

While she was aware of the line forming behind us, she made us feel as though we were the only customers in the entire store.

The last item that remained to be bagged was a carton of eggs.  Without mentioning, she opened the container and quickly inspected each egg to ensure none had been cracked. She then double secured them with a rubber band. 

This act took seconds, cost nearly nothing, and re-emphasized how she was making us feel.  Without knowing there were multiple benefits of her checking the eggs for us:

1. To protect us from health concerns from bacteria (showing genuine care)

2. To protect our time from having to return back to the store or shop again (helping us with convenience)


(three shared below, our KEYNOTES include seven)





CARING- In this example, this crew member cared. She was not taught to remember our faces or to ask about our weekend plans. She genuinely cared for our well-being. She did not want us to become sick from a cracked egg, nor did she want us to have to be inconvenienced to return should we not be pleased.

UNEXPECTED- We were surprised that someone would take the time to perform this task for us. Research online shares that the majority of market cashiers do not do this for their customers. It is expected that the customer is responsible for their own selections.

AUTHENTIC- Her style was evident of a "FNORTY" approach. This stands for "For No Other Reason Than YOU".  Nothing else mattered at that moment.  She did not seek anything in return, nor did she expect anything.  She did it out of pure authentic bliss to help others.  "For No Other Reason Than YOU".  


#13 Don't Give Up - The Power of Persistence