Close Some Windows... Unless You Love the View

Apr 27, 2021

If you had to restart your computer right now, how many "windows" would you need to close before shutting down properly? Years ago my wife could tell that I was stressed and forced me to "close some windows" meaning don't spread myself too thin. Focus on a few things because when "everything is a priority, nothing is."

Today I add the additional portion of "unless you love the view." Yes, I am coaching high school volleyball again because I love the sport and adore the kids. Yes, I am writing a second book because I love the challenge and appreciate the result.

Since the pandemic, so many of us are trying to rediscover ourselves and start new opportunities. My suggestion is to keep only the windows open that you love and that will bring your fulfillment with the opportunity.

Close the negativity window, close the self-doubt window, close the frustration window, and open the windows of happiness, purpose, and satisfaction. Start a new business, write a book, volunteer, take a class, and open as many things that will help you to become BETTER as a person.

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