‘Daddy, Can I Show You?’

happiness May 04, 2021

“Daddy, can I show you my backstroke?” “Daddy, can I show you my butterfly?” “Daddy, can I show you my freestyle?” “Sure, princess.” One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four … That was it. Almost four seconds, repeatedly. During thirty minutes of observation, the father paid attention to his daughter for about 40 seconds, total. “Honey, I just need to get some work done.” Head back down to the laptop, with reading glasses on. Screen getting smudged by perspiration due to the heat of the afternoon sun.
Sure, the dad was wearing a bathing suit, but not swimming. Yes, he was on vacation, but not relaxing. Nor was he spending time with his kids. Seek to understand first. Perhaps, by this father working so hard, it enabled him to have the money to take his family on this trip. Would his kids have preferred to stay at home and simply go to their local community pool if it afforded them more attention from their father? The past can’t be changed, and the future can’t be predicted. How are you able to “disconnect” when not working? What advice would you give this dad?

MPD: Focus on one thing wholeheartedly.