Energy and Interest

present living May 04, 2021

What allows certain people to succeed in life both personally and professionally? Are you ready for an adult beverage Friday evening after a long week? Do you become depressed Sunday evening because the workday starts the following morning? I’ve been able to study successful people to see what promotes their achievements. It can be summarized with two words: energy and interest.
In your career, are you doing what interests you? Are you motivated and stimulated daily, and if you are not, can you change this? There may be certain aspects of your job that are not your favorites but are required. I have found those who have tons of energy (through diet and exercise) are able to explore new interests. Conversely, if a task or a project is truly of interest, you will find the energy required to pursue it. Stop sleeping till noon on Saturdays, get inspired and live your life with limitless amounts of enthusiasm.

MPD: Discover more energy through interests.

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