Gone Fishing or Creatively Crushing It?

life lessons May 04, 2021

Which one are you doing? Some might use this time for a break (probably well deserved) while others are looking to reinvent themselves and their future.

There are numerous stories about how companies (big and small) are pivoting to accommodate the needs of their customers. Whether it is a bakery that now sells as much flour to the neighborhood clients as they consume for their own bread making, or a gifting company that has created a virtual experience to reward those valuable employees that are home bound.

A school in the Pittsburgh area, Riverview High School, asked me to give their commencement speech at this year’s graduation to share how “Most People Don’t” can inspire these seniors to go above and beyond in their next steps. Instead of cancelling the ceremony and the recognition, they will have a parade through town that will end at their local Drive-In Movie Theater, where my speech will be broadcast as the graduates and their families remain safely in their cars. Kudos to the creativity and strength of all those involved with this solution! Love it!


(This inspired me to begin to partner with other drive-in theaters to allow me to help spread the message of “doing” for others).

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