I have a confession to make..

Dec 15, 2023

Believe it or not, I consider myself an introvert. Put me at a reception with new people and I am as anxious as a human being could possibly be.

However, placed me on stage in front of thousands of people and I could not be more comfortable and content.  It is organically and authentically my passion and purpose.  I just love it!

On Thursday morning I attended a local chamber of commerce event for the first time. On Wednesday night, I was nervous.

What if I didn’t know anyone?

How would I fit in?

Should I bring my laptop to take notes?

What are the expectations for networking and doing business?

I decided to use the advice that I give to others. 

  1. Place yourself in uncomfortable situations to be able to grow.

  2. You are perfectly imperfect.

  3. Give yourself some grace and be yourself.

  4. Do your BEST to meet others.  You have tons of GOODNESS to share.”

The most magical thing happened. The people were nice! They welcomed me with open arms.  Most humans are kind. 

I greeted people by saying, “This is my first time at this event, I don’t know anyone, may I introduce myself and join your conversation?”

They answered with “Yes, yes, yes, of course.  That is what this event is all about.  Tell me about you and your company.  You need to meet Michael.  Follow me and I’ll introduce you.”

In my possession are 47 business cards of new contacts that I can help, introduce, and connect. 

The next meeting I attend, I will make it my mission to introduce myself and others to anyone that also may be uncomfortable, shy, or introverted to make them feel welcome. 

Passing it on… and doing my best to “do” what “Most People Don’t”.

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