"Leave me alone"- Ways to Positively Use Emotional Intelligence

Aug 23, 2022

Emotional Intelligence... covers so many spectrums that can allow us to interact better, work better, sell better, and lead better (personally and professionally).


The four components are:


1. Self Awareness- understanding yourself, your emotions, and how they affect others


"Can we talk tomorrow when I will feel more refreshed?"


2. Social Awareness- understanding the emotional makeup of others and customizing how you treat them accordingly  


"Let me work with you the BEST way that you like to be treated."


3. Self-Management- controlling your impulses before acting or responding. Taking a moment to breathe.  


"Allow me some time to think before I respond. I need a moment to consider all angles before offering my judgement."


4. Social Skills- how to find commonalities and build rapport with others.


  "Tell me more about you and what you like to do."


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The most successful LEADERS and EMPLOYEES all have high EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE!