Personal Vibrations reflecting Professional Abundance

Oct 28, 2022

A video intro of Joshua David and Bart's message, with a quote from Joshua below:

"We're built like radio stations. Our hearts put out a signal. Our thoughts put out signals to each other, to ourselves, into the planet. And it's received like a mirror that, that infinity symbol that goes out. And what comes back to you is what you were thinking. And putting out to begin with that is the simple basis, love the law of attraction.

So if you're living in gratitude, And you're acting and listening to your intuition, you're going to be lined up if you're having humility and you're helping others in front of you, because you don't need anything, you've taken care of yourself. You don't need anybody to do anything for you. So you're ready to do something for somebody else, because the truth is when we are aligned up, things will always line up for us."