Nov 11, 2022


-It is hard to respect anyone else if you don’t respect yourself.

-Make decisions that are best for your wellbeing, energy, and soul.

-Don’t compromise yourself for any boss or company. 

-Strive to work for leaders and organizations in which they put the employees first, treat you with respect, and offer protection as a non-negotiable so that others treat each other with respect.

Organizational Respect:

-Look for companies that have similar ideology to Ritz-Carlton’s approach of “Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen” – providing service excellence while receiving customer respect in return.  No one is any better than anyone else, even when I am serving you.  

-Vendors are now saying I can’t work with you or your company as you don’t respect our employees and suppliers are firing their clients. 

-The most successful companies are now standing up for wellbeing, professionalism, purpose and treatment.

-Treat people with respect and they will stay and be engaged.

Applications and Experiments for Embracing Respect:

-GET TO KNOW OTHERS before you judge them.  Everyone has a story, things to share, and reasons for us to learn. 

-Be kind to people not matter who they are, what they look like, or what they say.  

-Put phones down, keep eyes up, and place ears “on” to show respect.

-Be present, respect others time by focusing on them and being engaged. Take notes to show you are listening.

-Keep appointments, reschedule early, apologize for changes, show up early.

-Seek to understand, everyone has something going on, “they may have a stomach ache”- not an excuse but a reason for why someone may not initially appear to give respect.

-Participate equally in groups and meet deadlines that affect others. 

-Sit at the table where everyone is a stranger, get out of comfort and into learning and listening.

-Join a community that doesn’t look like you.  You don’t have to win or agree, just learn.

Thank you to Martha Bunker, Jami Stapelmann,  Doug Baarman, Joshua David, and  Kelly Bishop for their brilliant ideas this week!