"See Something, Do Something"

Jun 27, 2024

Long lines were consistent all day.  “The Starbucks employee was losing her voice, so after 10 minutes of watching the ordering & delivery process while waiting for my latte…”

 I decided to implement and utilize a suggestion that I have shared with thousands around the globe.  It is simple and easy to remember, and the impact is crazy good.

“See Something, Do Something”

No disrespect to those that were also standing by & waiting, but many others could see the completed coffee orders beginning to pile up on the counter.  The convention center was buzzing (and loud) with echoing conversations. The employee was doing her best to call out the orders, there were at least 40 people waiting for their coffee.  Some attendees were so engrossed in dialogue with their peers, that honestly, they might not have been listening for their names to be called out.  I could see the frustration on the Barista's face as she was running out of room to place her completed orders and all the hot drinks were getting cold.

I stepped up and asked if I could help.  “Gladly” was the response.  

My professional speaking voice was much louder than hers and I chimed in:  “An Americano for Debbie,  a Latte for Nick, an Iced Cold Brew for David, a Drip Coffee for Veronica…”

Instead of being impatient, I decided to help.  Anyone could have politely and appropriately done the same thing.

“See Something, Do Something”

I was a featured Speaker at #HITEC (https://hitec.org).  During my presentation, I encouraged the attendees to "DO what Most People Don’t”.   

“Be uncomfortable and introduce yourself to new people”

“Invite someone sitting alone to join you”

“Pick up a piece of trash on the floor instead of stepping over it”

"Engage in conversation with everyone and anyone to leave them feeling better than before they met you”

"Record an award winner that was announced on stage that didn’t have someone in the audience to record the celebration and share the photo with them afterward so they can share with their boss that approved their attendance." 

Most People Don’t…but YOU DO!

“See Something, Do Something.”  


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