(The HOW TO for) Chasing and Capturing YOUR DREAMS

Mar 31, 2023

For those wishing to “CHASE SHINY OBJECTS”,  I’d like to offer a few ideas for the HOW: 

  1. Answer the question, “what do you LIKE to do and what do you WANT to do”?  The response should make your heart sing.  You should go BRIGHT with the thought of this. 
  2. Write THIS GOAL  down. 
  3. Identify the STEPS that you can take TOWARD achieving this goal and feeling this happiness more often.  Think about using tactics that “Most People Don’t” use.
  4. Hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE daily by keeping track of “did you DO YOUR BEST” toward making this happen?  The joy here is, you don’t need to get everything done today. You don’t need to lose 25 pounds today, but as long as you are DOING YOUR BEST toward your goal, you are good and give yourself GRACE.  Use an free app like PRODUCTIVE to keep track.
  5. Celebrate wins and Learn from losses
  6. Use your RESOURCES for help, support, and guidance.
  7. Find JOY in the JOURNEY and savor the experiences.
  8. Don’t wait.

Join us for a discussion next week (4.5.23) at 12 noon ET on LinkedIn Live to discuss BEST PRACTICES for turning Dreams into Reality.