“When he left the table, I can’t believe his date did this…”

May 02, 2024

And started looking at his texts.  At first, I thought maybe this “apparent” first date, was merely really good friends having lunch together, and that sharing each other’s phone content was a normal thing.  But, right before he returned to the table, she rushed to put it back in the exact same place he left it and glanced over her shoulder to make sure he didn’t see her actions.

It seemed like a scene from a rom-com movie.


Game playing?


Watching this made me appreciate my wife even more.

This week, I was presenting to a luxury villa rental company, Nocturne Luxury Villas. 

During the workshop, the topic of APPRECIATION was discussed.  One person shared that the time she felt the most appreciated in a professional setting was when she was TRUSTED with a major task.  Another then shared, his time was when he was given 100% freedom, autonomy, and authority to solve a problem.  He was TRUSTED.

If this couple, on their second date, were showing these signs of game-playing and distrust, what would their future look like? 

You may have heard, “Trust is a two-way street”.  Hard to earn but easy to lose.  A friend of mine shared with me that she had a supervisor that would join their conference calls without announcing his presence just so he could pick apart what she was saying to her team afterwards!  Where was the TRUST?

Without TRUST, you are questioning the motives of others.

You are looking behind you, instead of ahead of you. 

You are doubting your decisions based on how you might be treated afterwards.

You are spending more time MANAGING UP than MANAGING ACROSS

Build the trust of your teams and colleagues, by DOING BY EXAMPLE.

Build the trust of your bosses by DOING WHAT YOU SAY YOU ARE GOING TO DO.

Easier said than done?  Easier earned but harder to lose?  Or both ways?

TRUST yourself that you can do this!