"When you're Green, you're Growing"

Sep 02, 2022

Ray Kroc shared the quote above and concluded with "When you're RIPE, you ROT". A solid reminder for all of us to keep curious and learning.

 On this week's Most People Don't Academy call we discussed the benefits of having a "GROWTH MINDSET" and how to approach professional and personal life with an eagerness to "get better".

Michael Jordan was known to be RELENTLESS in his desire to learn and improve. He would often show up earlier and stay later than the rest of the team in order to grow.

LEARNING #1: Strive to be BOTH Teacher and Student

Early in my career (about 3 years in), I thought I knew more than I actually did. I was trying to "own" the attitude I should have "rented". I once embarrassingly said to our hotel's Director of Finance, "do you know who I am and what I do?". Even today, it is still hard to admit. She has so much to teach me and initially I wasn't ready to be a student.

LEARNING #2: Failure is not Failure

Failure is an experience and an experiment. One of our panelists shared that her thick skin had to be thinned in order to receive criticism for her "appearance of inflexibility" of her leadership style. The feedback came during a 360 review in which her team shared constructive ideas on how she could work better with them and for them. Embrace criticism and use it to get better.  Don't take it personally, it is not failure.  It is an experience and a chance to learn.

LEARNING #3: Live the with attitude of “YET”

It WILL happen.  You will jump off that log. You will accomplish your goals.  

LEARNING #4: Having a growth MINDSET, starts with YOU

And your ability to "set you mind".  Nothing can start unless it happens in the mind first. It is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.  With a growth mindset, you are not stuck, you have no barriers, and the world is your oyster. Love yourself, start with you, prioritize you first, make yourself good first. 

 LEARNING #5: Curiosity is Key

Fixed mindsets fail, growth mindset get goals.  Look for not only “what’s next?” but “how to do next?”. Growth is constantly achieving and then setting new goals and the next goals.