Who knew this could be a service?

Nov 17, 2023

This week I had the pleasure to present to the Greater New York Chapter of HSMAI.  During my visit, I was hosted by The Kimberly Hotel.  In my 30+ years of hospitality experience, I had never seen this particular TYPE OF SERVICE EXECUTION.  Have you ever witnessed something so simple and performed so well that it immediately became memorable? 

This happened to me.

I watched the bellmen and doorman interact with guests this particular morning.  Many were greeted by name and were treated like family (in a good way).  As customers prepared to exit the lobby, they had two choices.  The traditional door that pushed out or the revolving door (thar revolved).  When someone headed to the traditional door, Pedro and Nick jumped to attention and “beat them to the touch” to open it kindly.  When another selected the revolving door, they immediately darted forward to help manipulate and magically maneuver the spin, so that the guest did not ever have to touch the door. 


I understand why they are within the TOP 100 HOTELS in the world.





THANK YOU, Pedro, Nick, and The Kimberly Hotel for reminding me of how good SERVICE CAN TRULY BE.



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