Why I carry stones in my pocket...

Nov 21, 2023

What are you grateful for?  If your tradition at the holiday meal involves going around the table and trying to “outdo” your relatives for either the most humorous or the most meaningful answer to this question… read on.  I am hearing that many people now make it a practice to start their day out by writing down the things that make them feel grateful.

While I don’t have a gratitude journal yet, I do, however, carry gratitude stones in my pocket daily.

They are tumbled and polished natural stones that I stock up on.  I give them out during my presentations.

I give them out when I observe either someone who is going above and beyond to help others or someone who appears to need a BOOST OF KINDNESS


A few of my  MOST MEMORABLE  gratitude stone interactions:

 A gentleman at LAX airport rearranged each bag as it came to the carousel so that the handles were facing up to ENABLE easier access for travellers. 

A friend who was undergoing radiation for a tumor, and quickly RECOVERED now being cancer-free. 

A housekeeper/butler named Sandra in Cancun cried when I gave her a stone after she proudly ANTICIPATED my needs beyond expectations.  She added it to her other stone that she carried with her for 25 years for protection as she often traveled to/from work while it was dark outside.

One of my favorite baristas was not her natural CHEERY self as she normally would be.

“Things are going to be alright, even if it's not alright right now.” 

A flight attendant who was above KIND to every passenger despite turbulence and a hectic schedule. 

An Uber driver who shared his story of COMMITMENT to his family of four children and did all possible to ensure they had a better future than he did growing up.

Practicing GRATITUDE is more than just saying “THANK YOU”.  Research now shows that by incorporating this routine into your life, depression levels can be reduced (UCLA Health Study).

Additionally, it can:

  •  Help to relieve stress

  •   Improve sleep

  •   Assist with Heart Health



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